UN 40th Anniversary Concert

UN 40th Anniversary Concert by Ron Waddams

Ron Waddams has produced a significant range of artwork marked by powerful, sometimes disconcerting use of colour and a highly distinctive artistic style. Most are large and painted in acrylic.

Desolation and Regeneration

Desolation and Regeneration by Ron Waddams

His simplified abstract shapes and strong dynamic rhythms speak of time present but also recall the linearity of Egyptian tomb painting and the calm gestures of medieval European religious imagery. By using elements from the near and distant past and by fusing them into his individualistic style he has created a contemporary expression of spiritual and humanitarian concerns. Also evident is his physical pleasure in using few, bold colours and in imposing the discipline of applying them in precisely drawn areas.

Many of these works are reflections on Quaker faith and practice of caring and living without conflict, and refer to the aims of the United Nations Charter. They make positive statement and in visual interest, exuberance of shapes and colours, look confidently to the twenty-first century.